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MailYourMarket Reseller program

If you are a developer interested in adding MailYourMarket to your list of services or you have contacts with people who might be interested in using a system like MailYourMarket, why not reap the benefits?

How does it work?
The MailYourMarket reseller program is two tiered:

Reseller Tier 1
A Tier 1 reseller is a reseller who delivers straight referrals to MailYourMarket. The client that they refer must be ready to sign up, and at this point all contact happens between the referred client and MailYourMarket. A Tier 1 reseller will earn 10% revenue from the initial setup of each client that they refer to MailYourMarket.

Reseller Tier 2
A Tier 2 reseller works as an agent of MailYourMarket in that they manage all aspects of MailYourMarket on behalf of their client. MailYourMarket support staff do the initial system setup for each reseller client and then the reseller takes over from there. MailYourMarket bills the reseller (not the client) for the license and purchased credits. Setup fee and credit fees are negotiable in this case.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of MailYourMarket, please fill out and submit the form below or call 905.828.9189.
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