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CAN-SPAM Compliance Features

On January 1, 2004 the U.S. Federal legislation known as the CAN-SPAM Act became effective. It mandates that email marketers comply with a number of specific requirements when sending commercial email. The intent of the law is to curb the sending of fraudulent and misleading commercial email (spam) and put in place a single national standard and set of laws for email marketing practices, including unsubscribe processes and advertisement notifications.

MailYourMarket is complying with the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act with the following:

Multi-list Unsubscribe:
  • Unsubscribes email address from all lists it is subscribed to
  • Addresses can be entered manually
Postal Mailing Address:
  • The sender's postal mailing address is inserted in the email "footer"
  • Footer is automatically appended to all email messages
Recipient unsubscribe:
  • An unsubscribe message and link is automatically inserted into the footer for all messages. Upon clicking the unsubscribe link, recipients are automatically unsubscribed and redirected to a specified landing page
  • If the recipient replies to the message with unsubscribe as the subject, the sender can then enter the address in the Manual Unsubscribe section of the admin to unsubscribe the recipient from all lists
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