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Email Management

The Email Management section of the admin contains all of the modules and functions needed to manage creation and sending of email campaigns.

Create Campaign/Links
This module is the starting point for any new campaign. You start by naming your campaign. Naming a campaign is strictly for your internal tracking. You can also edit tracking links. The system automatically archives all campaigns as they are created.

Build Email
The Build Email section is where you code your email in html. When you first paste your html code into the system and click Save Changes, the system automatically replaces your links with tracking links. These tracking links are then used to track click-throughs. Once someone clicks on a link in the email, the click is tracked and then they are redirected to the destination(original) link. You can also choose to set your own text version or have the system create the text version of the email for you. The system saves the previous saved version in the event that you make an error in your coding. You can preview the look of the email in this section as well.

Send Email
Here is where you choose the campaign that you want to send from a list of all campaigns that you have in the system. Once you choose the campaign to send, you select the list that you want to send the campaign to and set the email subject and then send the campaign. The system will make sure that you have enough credits to send to the selected list and if there are enough, the campaign is sent and the appropriate number of credits are decremented from your account.

Send Notifications
For every campaign that is sent, an email notification is sent to the email address specified in this section. The email contains information about which list was sent to, the number of emails sent out, and the remaining credits.

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