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List Management

The List Management section of the admin contains all of the modules and functions needed to manage your opt-in member lists.

List Upload
The upload module is where you upload your opt-in email lists. You have the option of naming and creating new lists or appending to or replacing existing lists. The system accepts raw text files in one of three formats:
  • Email address only
  • Email Address, First name, Last name
  • Email Address, First name, Last name, City, Postal/Zip code, Country
You can use the data in the first name and last name columns to send personalized emails. Any duplicates that you have in your file are automatically removed to ensure list integrity.

Show Unsubscribes
This section displays all current email lists. Clicking on a list name will display a list of email addresses that have been unsubscribed along with the date that they subscribed and the date that they unsubscribed.

Manual Unsubscribe
The Manual Unsubscribe section presents a text box for you to paste or type an email address into. Submitting this form will unsubscribe the email address from all lists that it is a member of.

Duplicate Removal
This module allows you to compare one list to all others and have all duplicate email address removed.

Manual Subscribe
The Manual Subscribe section allows you to add an email address to a specific list. The system will first check to see if the address is already subscribed.

List Download
Here is where you can select a list for downloading a text file of the email addresses contained in it. You can download all the addresses, ones that are subscribed, or those that are unsubscribed.

V/E/D Lists
Here is where you can view all your lists and choose to edit the list name, completely delete the list, view subscribers to each list, and delete individual list entries.

Manage Bounces
MailYourMarket handles all email bouncebacks for you. This feature alone will save you hours of weeding through your inbox gathering bounced email addresses. A bounced email is one with which a problem occured while attempting to deliver the email to the particular email address. Most common reasons for this are that the address is no longer valid. MailYourMarket displays all bounceback email addresses and sorts them by status code. You can choose to delete these addresses from all your lists, leave some there or download the list of bounceback addresses.

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